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Im here not for judging cause Im just a speaker and let everyone to decide. Your judgment strictly not needed here. Here you can only bring out your new ideas, comments, and other thoughts, I'll be cool with it and even like it. You just make mistake by judging an ordinary person like me, like everybody else. I dont expect everybody to agree with me, just in case you dont, explain to me briefly.

Friday, February 18, 2011

stupid as i am

Im a loser in love but always telling people about love. Haha. Good in motivating but not in practicing. Now Im single and moving on with it. How long would it be, thats depand. You don't boo to me when Im falling down, cause in love matter, how many times I fall, I will still hold my head up high. Im 18, guys. What should I be worried about, its a normal process in love relationship. 'People come and go', yeah just like that. Thanks to my girls and my bff for being good supporters, without you babes, its still gonna be hard for me.

Im not trying to be cool. What was I thought just they ain't need me anymore. Move on Fyda, its not the end of world living without that boy. Sounds mean? What? Are you gonna say that Im so cruel? Boo again? Well, do I look like I give a fuck? To forget is easy, you just need to hate them. Im fine and yeah, What else to say? I dont know, Im just fine, heh. No such thing as 'behind this smile, got million tears' pfft. When I smile means happy. Get it? :)


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