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Im here not for judging cause Im just a speaker and let everyone to decide. Your judgment strictly not needed here. Here you can only bring out your new ideas, comments, and other thoughts, I'll be cool with it and even like it. You just make mistake by judging an ordinary person like me, like everybody else. I dont expect everybody to agree with me, just in case you dont, explain to me briefly.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Get over the responsibility

Why do they mad at you for the wrong-doing you not intending to head? Aren't they suppose to interpret or explain in intelligent manner so that you able to do it right/better next time? To give comment, not to CONDEMN! For me its a two different words. I get annoyed when this happen to me. I've been thinking why must they show that kind of manner instead of showing good judgment.

1.They comment you rigorously but along with that, they tell you the correct way to solve that matter, ACCEPTABLE.

2. Calling you names for the mistakes you've done and then they push you aside. They treat you bad and ignore you after it happened, UNREASONABLE!

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