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Im here not for judging cause Im just a speaker and let everyone to decide. Your judgment strictly not needed here. Here you can only bring out your new ideas, comments, and other thoughts, I'll be cool with it and even like it. You just make mistake by judging an ordinary person like me, like everybody else. I dont expect everybody to agree with me, just in case you dont, explain to me briefly.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

the reason

These are the simple ideas of perfection in human.
For the first impression, people think that you are perfect because :

1. your looks. Whether you are beautiful or handsome.
2. How you dress up. What kind of car you drive. Accessories that you're wearing.
3. Personality. Have a great social skills. Well-mannered.
4. You are genius or smarter than your peers.

Do you think that you've got all of these characteristics? Think again. If the answer is YES means you are dealing with an attitude of self-conceited LOL. Differently, you try to think WHY. Why you're not perfect. You might have this thought popped up in your mind like 'WHY I AM NOT AS PERFECT AS HIM/HER'. While the person that you are pointing to is thinking of the same thing as you do. Okay, Let me try to explain this logic thinking.

Before I get started to my points, I want you guys to know that it is just my experience and life I've been going through so far.

* You came from the rich and great family. You could get anything with the money you have. But God has made you maybe with not good looking like your friends who are pretty or handsome, not as smart as your classmates. WHY? It probably because when you get all that you must be proud of yourself, over reacted and always degrading others.
* You are such a smart ass in a class. But you afraid to talk to the girls or boys around you just because you dont have a good personality. Simply, you maybe lack in confidence and not as spunky as your other friends, MAT REMPIT friends especially.
* You have a good looking appearance. You are pretty, adorable, handsome, thats for the first impression when people see you. But you are not rich, you living in so-so standard of life because maybe when you have all that in package you might use that to get the girls or maybe living in a bad social life.

What you think is gonna happen when someone is perfect? You can think with the brain given to you right? Im not gonna go deeper to that point. I know some of you might say people are not equal based from the experiences we had. But in terms of situation of life, the challenge we face, its almost the same. The different is just our empathetic ability to confront or deal with the tricky situation. Still, we can never ran off from many problems or hard situation LOL. Get the idea? Damn, its hard to put it all into words if you try.

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