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Im here not for judging cause Im just a speaker and let everyone to decide. Your judgment strictly not needed here. Here you can only bring out your new ideas, comments, and other thoughts, I'll be cool with it and even like it. You just make mistake by judging an ordinary person like me, like everybody else. I dont expect everybody to agree with me, just in case you dont, explain to me briefly.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

no doubt

Let me just tell you what I've seen. Here's the shit, I just had enough, enough with some craps, some melodramatic stories. Some people just not know that everybody can read minds. So, let we just careful with our words next time.

Do you ever asked your boyfriend or a boy that you're into, why he likes you? And do you satisfy with her answer? Well, lets find out something. Cinta itu buta, ohh thats so fucking lame words. How can you love someone with just a blink. Some boys, might answer you with 'I dont know, I just like you'. Enough for that, you better dont hope anything from him. Because when he says like that, he's got no idea what kind of shit he's saying to you, so poor. I think that they just confused, trust me they wont admit it, lol. They just want you to stick around for a moment. They dont actually need you. There's still bunch I wanna say, but I guess its not a good topic, kinda boring one huh. My advice, never hope to that someone.

Somehow, I think this is the lamest stuff I ever post. Thank you.

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